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Property Bushfire Resilience Star Rating

Inform – Adapt – Reward

The majority of properties in bushfire prone regions in Australia were built prior to bushfire building standards introduced in 1991.

(Percentage of homes built to bushfire construction standards: Black Saturday 2009: 5.4% of 2,131 buildings surveyed, Wye River 2015: 18% of buildings in fire footprint)

Homes built to bushfire construction standards can have fatal flaws, such as;

  • Combustible fuels within 10m, including neighbouring property
  • Non-compliance
  • Poor maintenance

(Reference: Wye River / Separation Creek Post-bushfire building survey findings)

The Property Bushfire Resilience Star Rating program provides a complete risk assessment and addresses all property, including older homes, to measurably reduce the likelihood of ignition..

Estimated percentage of resilient homes in bushfire prone regions in Australia


Measuring Resilience

A property that achieves 5 Star Bushfire Resilience has reduced the likelihood of house ignition to less than 10%.

The likelihood of ignition applies to fire weather on days up to Extreme (less than FDI 100).  Code Red/Catastrophic fire weather is beyond the design limitations of building materials and safety systems.

The safest option is always to leave early.  Always follow the advice of emergency services.  A high Bushfire Resilience Star Rating cannot guarantee the prevention of death, injury or property loss.  Safety ratings such as the Bushfire Resilience Star Rating, airline safety ratings and car safety ratings, provide independent and evidence-based safety information to help consumers make informed decisions, but cannot guarantee safety.

The measures required to achieve a 5 Star Rating depend on the site risk.

We are running test sites in Victoria, Australia, for the Property Bushfire Resilience Star Rating program.  Contact us if you would like us to rate your property.

Recognising well-prepared property

  • Expert property assessment
  • Report providing measures to upgrade to high Star Rating levels
  • Cost estimates for improvements
  • Re-assessment after improvements
  • Obtain a high Bushfire Resilience Star Rating
  • Advertise your high Star Rating (voluntary) to improve property value, rental returns and insurance premiums