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Resilience & Recovery

Recovering communities can face long planning and re-building timelines, with the added challenge of navigating complex regulations.

The BBCA developed the FORTIS House project in response to calls for help from community members struggling to re-build their homes and lives in bushfire-prone areas.

FORTIS House provides an easy to understand, adaptable and affordable house design template that will help bushfire-prone communities improve their resilience, fast-track their recovery and get their lives back. FORTIS House will also assist new residents to build resilient houses that will survive future bushfire events.

Strong & Innovative - Empowered & Sustainable Communities – Reduced Disaster Impacts – Strong & Innovative - Empowered & Sustainable Communities – Reduced Disaster Impacts –

We are currently working with community members in NSW to develop the world-first community-led design of the bushfire-resilient FORTIS House.

Available in October 2021, FORTIS House will make the re-building process easier, with free architectural drawings, construction manual and consumer handbook that shows community members, building designers and trades how to adapt the design to a homeowner’s site requirements, style and required BAL rating.

The project is sponsored by NRMA and supported by Shoalhaven City Council.