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2019-20 bushfire season economic cost: $100 billion

(University of Queensland economist, Prof. John Quiggin, 2020)

The social and economic costs of bushfires are increasing in Australia, and around the world.

Urgent measures are required to reduce this unaffordable liability to current and future generations.

Improving climate and disaster resilience provides measurable social and economic benefits. A resilient community is an attractive place to live, visit and invest in.

Community resilience is essential to:

Protect lives, homes, livelihoods, environment and economies

Support sustainable living, investment and tourism

Community-led design project

The BBCA is working with bushfire-affected residents to design the world-first bushfire resilient FORTIS House.

FORTIS House will save residents time and money by providing a highly resilient, sustainable, affordable and adaptable building design, for free.

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We are committed to radically improving the resilience of people, property and whole communities through adaptation of the built environment. Our team includes research scientists and architects, civil, structural and fire safety engineers and risk management specialists. Our multi-disciplinary expertise and collaboration with communities, industry and all levels of government produces practical, innovative solutions to complex risk problems. Our world-first programs, such as the Bushfire Resilience Star Rating system and FORTIS House apply research to inform, motivate and reward bushfire resilience and adaptation.