About Us

The BBCA is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation.


Our Mission

To increase the bushfire resilience of communities through innovative building solutions.

Our Values

The BBCA Expert Advisory Board is comprised of independent subject matter experts.

We advocate for fair, unbiased, rational and scientifically based bushfire planning and building policies and regulations.

Common sense
Bushfire risk cannot be avoided in Australia. The BBCA promotes progressive policies that accept and address bushfire risk.  We promote a systems based approach to improving bushfire resilience.

We advocate for bushfire prone communities – for example; public access to risk mapping, hazard reduction programs, policies that increase the adoption of mitigation measures.

The BBCA promotes industry innovation to drive down costs of compliance, we believe that all property owners should have access to bushfire safety systems.  .

Our Objectives

  • To increase the bushfire resilience of communities through innovative building solutions:
    • Promote innovation, competition and reduced compliance costs through research-industry-community based solutions in bushfire prone areas.
    • Promote community advocacy to ensure planning and building policies are evidence based, community focused with improved life safety in bushfire prone areas.
    • Promote the facilitation and co-operation between industry and the community to deliver practical, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to building in bushfire prone areas.
    • Promote the adoption of life saving technologies in bushfire prone areas for new and existing buildings.
  • To advance industry and commerce in the area of innovative bushfire building solutions:
    • Promote improved research methodologies and technical assistance to encourage the design and manufacture of Australian bushfire building innovations.
    • Promote advocacy on behalf of the bushfire building industry to ensure their innovations are considered by regulatory authorities.
    • Facilitate training programs and seminars to increase the knowledge of innovative building solutions available in bushfire prone areas.
    • Increase media coverage of the Australian bushfire building industry to achieve national and international recognition.
    • Promote national and international marketing assistance for Australian bushfire building products and services.
    • Promote networking opportunities for Australian and international industries to collaborate in order to access export markets.
    • Establish annual awards for exceptional innovations to encourage the recognition of life saving Australian design and manufacturing.