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What is at risk?


buildings in high bushfire risk areas are not resilient

2.5 million

Australians live in high bushfire risk regions

$1 trillion

worth of property at bushfire risk

The Solution

BBCA’s Resilience Star Rating system measures the disaster resilience of buildings.

The world-first Resilience Rating applies decades of research to provide tailored actions to increase the resilience of any building – old or new.

It provides an independent global standard to measure, rate and reward resilience.

Why adapt buildings?

Increased resilience protects lives, homes and communities and is a smart investment in a sustainable future.

A $1 investment in adaptation and risk reduction saves between $2 and $11 in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction (CSIRO, 2020)

BBCA is supported by the Australian federal government and industry leaders in insurance, banking and supply chains.