Bushfire Building Council of Australia Ltd | Building Bushfire Resilience
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We are a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation that strives to improve community resilience through innovative building solutions and community-wide resilience projects.

  • Independent network of experts

  • Community risk assessment & resilience solutions

  • Legacy building assessments & resilience solutions

  • Evidence & risk based approach to policies & building standards

BBCA Awards 2015 Blackwood Vic

Prepare Now

Prepare your property now.  Talk to us about our Property Bushfire Resilience Star Rating Program which identifies improvements required to increase bushfire resilience.

Build Resilience

Site-specific and community-specific assessments, cost-benefit analysis & effective mitigation measures.

Reward Resilience

Our Bushfire Resilience Star Rating program recognises and rewards resilience to help you achieve; lower insurance premiums, improved property values and rental returns.

Strong Communities

Resilient communities avoid or reduce disaster impacts, and provide a sustainable environment for residents, investors and future generations.

The social and economic costs of bushfire are increasing in Australia.  Urgent measures are required to avoid and reduce this unaffordable liability to current and future generations.

Economic costs of disasters in Australia, per year: $18.2 billion0%

Federal natural disaster resilience budget: $56 million (2016/2017)0%