BBCA Programs

Community Risk Prevention

The Township Risk Reduction program provides communities with detailed mapping of local bushfire risk, identification of hazards and actions to reduce the risk.  For example, a high risk community may choose an objective of reducing the whole township risk to below BAL-19. Reducing risk at the community level increases resilience for all residents and visitors, and all buildings (whether old or new) and reduces disaster recovery impacts including development and re-building costs.  

Post Bushfire Analysis & Re-building Programs

The BBCA can provide governments, fire agencies and shire councils with building performance assessment, policy evaluation and community/street/property level re-building plans.  The BBCA delivers independent, expert, risk and evidence based solutions to ensure that re-building addresses localised risk and considers innovative approaches to managing future risk. 

Industry & Property Owner Tools

The BBCA has a number of programs in development to assist industry professionals and property owners achieve better outcomes for living in bushfire prone areas.  All of our programs are evidence-based and developed by our Expert Advisory Board.

The Bushfire Building StarTM program will provide property owners, property buyers, renters, insurers and emergency services with information, voluntarily provided by the owner, regarding the level of bushfire resilience of the building. Property owners will benefit by improving the value of their home, reducing the risk to occupants, reducing the risk of property loss, reducing the risk to neighbouring properties and possibly reducing insurance premiums.

National Design Guides will provide best practice information for new builds (above NCC and AS requirements).

Retro-fit Guides will provide affordable solutions for improving the resilience of older buildings and will supplement the Bushfire Building StarTM program.

If you are a property owner or are in the bushfire building industry and would like to participate in the pilot programs, please contact us.